#005 - Erfurt press with decoiler, straightener, feeder


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30 January, 2018 09:00:00
Location: H-2881 Ászár, Köztársaság út 15/A
Country: HU
VAT: 27%
Buyer's premium: 15%
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Detailed description

QTY: 1 kit

Model: 800.1 PKZZ I / 3150x1600 / 500E
Manufacturer: Erfurt
Size: 8.000 kN
Size (mm) Approx.:
- Total floor area (current status): 7.000x15.000
- The height above the floor level: about 8500
- Table: 3150x1620-200
- Side window (right): 1150x400
- The current state of the machined nominal width of the roll:
- unwind
- flattening
- feed
Other information:
- the lower part of the press is in a pit, the size below the floor level is not known. According to the information of the Seller it is about 4-4.5 m deep.
- Bear statement: Spindle
- Breaking disc design
- Press can be divided into several parts (altitude)
-it will be removed from the Production hall between 5-21 February 2018. The Buyer is responsible and has to pay for the loading to a truck (he organized) from an outdoor location and shipping. The Seller can not store the press, so the Buyer has to ship the press at that moment when the press is removed from the Production hall.
- Manufacturing tools are not included in the item
Local number: 109

The buyer has his transport planned to remove the presses within 3 weeks of the auction close.

If the buyer is late, he has to pay storage fee: 500 EUR / day for SERTEC.


Questions and answers

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Buyer shall purchase the equipment “as is”, in its technical condition viewed and learnt as set up in Seller’s building.

Buyer shall disassemble, prepare for delivery, load onto transport vehicle and remove the equipment at its own cost and liability.