Briquetter, mixed tools

Briquetter press, saw machine, shrink wrap machine, grill oven, electric hot air blower (electric herbicide), leaf broth

Briquetter, mixed tools

Prodeco E 80 briquetter press, Tecnomax S315 WS saw machine, Minipack Galileo Classic shrink wrap machine, grill oven, Batavia TBT-HG001 electric hot air blower (electric herbicide), leaf broth

Fehérvárcsurgó (Hungary)

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28 September, 2017
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26 October, 2017
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Faluhelyi Kata
Telefón: +36 23 887468

Fehérvárcsurgó (Hungary)
25 October 2017 between 10-14 hours
Registering for the inspection is required by e-mail, you will get the exact address in the confirmation e-mail. Registration:
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27 October, 2017
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02 November, 2017
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17 November, 2017
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