#001 - Complete pig cutting technology line

#001 - Complete pig cutting technology line

Előző Következő




Szeged (Hungary)



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General Information:
The equipment of the technology line was shut down in 2017 and will be out of use from then on.
Pick Szeged is not responsible for the operation of the equipment.
Capacity: Pick Szeged processed 300 pigs / hour in the plant.
Year of production: 1995
The task of the winning customer is to completely dismantle, disassemble and transport the machines and equipment of the existing, disused pig cutting technology line by the specified deadline.
In the last photo (photo 54 / drawing), the task is to dismantle all technological machines and building engineering systems in the rooms in the area demarcated in red, to remove the dismantled material and to professionally utilize / dispose of it. After demolition, a steel structure without a function must not remain in the area.

Lot contents - machines to be dismantled:

Pig Drug Delivery / Dispensing System (BUTINA) (Photo 1-2)
Butina Combi 66 pig stun (photo 3-5)
Bleeding Conveyor (Photo 6)
Bleeding conveyor and holder elements (photo 7)
Bleeding trays and purge tubes (Photo 8-9)
Empty shackle return conveyor (photo 10)
Body prewash equipment (photo 11)
Boiling tunnel (BANSS 400) (Photo 12)
Plucking shipping conveyor (photos 13-14)
Plucking machine (photos 15-19)
Hair blow system (Photo 20)
Ejection table (photo 21)
Flaming Conveyor (Photo 22)
Flaming conveyor (photo 23)
Flaming equipment (photo 24)
Body polisher (Photo 25)
Pig body washing equipment (photos 26-27)
Ear mushroom purge system (photo 28)
Slitting saw washer (photo 29)
Demolition conveyor (photo 30)
Hooked Grain Conveyor (Photo 31-32)
Tray Intestinal Examination Tape (Photos 33-35)
Internal purge system (Photo 36)
Kramer grease grinder (photos 37-38)
Grease melt tank and accessories (photo 39)
Hook hanger conveyor and hanger washing equipment (photo 40)
Qualifying and hoof platform (photos 41-42)
Podium, blood collection trays (photos 43-52)
Building services systems (Photo 53)

Full description can be downloaded in pdf from here.


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Buyer shall purchase the equipment “as is”, in its technical condition viewed and learnt as set up in Seller’s building.

Buyer shall disassemble, prepare for delivery, load onto transport vehicle and remove the equipment at its own cost and liability.