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Purchase help


Participation in an online auction requires registration and logging into the present auction interface operated by Auction Organiser.

More information about the registration here: Registration process


Bidding on an online auction you have to click the Item List menu and then click the requested item. Here, you can bid using the Bid button.
You can also set up an automatic bid where you can enter the maximum bid. In this case, the system automatically bids up to the automatic bid.

Submit / confirm button required to click to finalize your bid!

We recommend that you do not bid in the last few seconds, when a bid is received within 5 minutes of the closing, the closing of the item is extended by 5 minutes.

In case of automatic bidding: if the other bidder has previously given the same amount, the winner will be the one who has previously offered the same amount.

The winner bidding is automatically sent to the bidder by e-mail. About over-bidding is also continuously received information by email.


You should only bid if you are able to adhere to the payment deadline of one (1) day! Prices are all net prices. Additional fees will be applied:
Zákaznický rabat,


Interested parties will be provided with an opportunity to view the assets (at the time specified on the day before the closing of the auction); thus, buyers may not exercise the right of withdrawal.