About us

About us

Intergavel Auction Organiser Ltd. has been engaged in auctioning industrial articles, assets and equipment since 2005. In recent years, we experienced that online auctions grew increasingly popular among both sellers and buyers. This process benefits all participants: seller may sell its assets in an expedite and efficient manner, while buyers have access to modern machinery and equipment. As a comprehensive Service Provider, we are ready for new challenges when it comes to selling assets for sale due to modernisation, relocation or shutting down.

Value appraisal is a key part of our operations, which we conduct as part of or apart from auctions to enable our customers awareness of the value of assets in their possession.

Organising and conducting an auction is a complex process demanding due attention and specialist knowledge. Our complex services cover surveying, inventorying, value appraisal, marketing campaigns required for sales, organising and conducting the auction, collecting the selling price and itemised settlement with our customer, and then releasing of machinery.

Our sales arrangement allows for assignments based purely on commissions, thus preventing customers from taking on any financial risks. Our database having grown for decades currently features several millions of registered clients being kept up to date on our auctions.

Intergavel Ltd. is the Hungarian partner of Maynards Europe.