#002 - CNC lathe

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QTY: 1
Model: Quick Turn Nexus 200-IIMS
Manufacturer: Mazak
Year of manufacture: 2007
- the item does not include the installed oil mist extractor and the tool holders, devices, chuck, chip collection trolley shown in the photo
- equipment used, therefore the operating hours data change compared to the picture
- list of accessories shown in the last picture
Seller information:
- serviced by professional service
Parameters according to sellers register:
- Controller: Matrix Nexus
- Hours: 65,710 hours (on state)
- Cooling water cooling: 1.1kW
- Extra software option: no
- Bar feed interface option
- Oil mist extraction option
- HD1 spindle speed: 5000 rpm
- HD2 spindle speed: 6000 rpm
- milling spindle output: 4500 rpm
- Spindle throughput: Ø65
- Chuck size: HD1 8 ”; HD2 6 ”
- Spindle power: 26kW
- Counter-spindle power: 7.5kW
- Milling spindle: 5.5kW
- 12-seat turret
- Machinable length: 575mm
- Machinable diameter : 350mm
- Counter-spindle
- C axis


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Buyer shall purchase the equipment “as is”, in its technical condition viewed and learnt as set up in Seller’s building.

Buyer shall disassemble, prepare for delivery, load onto transport vehicle and remove the equipment at its own cost and liability.