Registration process

Registration process

Online auction is public, may be accessed by anyone, yet participation in an electronic auction requires registration and logging into the present auction interface operated by Auction Organiser.

New registration is solely possible for legal entities. Click here for registration: registration

When registering, the system sends an activation code to the registrant, by clicking the link in the mail (or entering the code) you have to confirm the registration. The registration is successful if the auction organizer checked the company datas (tax number, company name verification). If the activation code does not arrive to that e-mail address you entered during registration, you can also check your spam folder. Once you have logged in, you can retry the get the activation code by clicking the Resend code button.

Registration as a new firm must be completed at least one (1) workday prior to the closing of the item to be purchased!

In case of registration within one (1) day preceding the auction, Auction Organiser shall not be liable for administering such registration and thus for ensuring participation by Bidder.

Simultaneously with the registration, Bidders shall accept the stipulations of Auction Organiser’s Auction Policy, which they shall regard as binding for themselves upon acceptance.

The system automatically sends messages to you via email (about bidding, invoice, shipping, new auction newsletter), so it is practical to enter an email address that the registrar often checks.

Modification or correction of such details may be requested from Auction Organiser at any time. Registered clients are obliged to notify Auction Organiser on any modification in details specified in their registrations prior to each bidding.