Real estate sales

Real estate sales

Due to our wide range of industrial experience and customer requests, recently we expanded our services with real estate advertising and auction of industrial and commercial real estates.

Our real estate services are:
  • - advertising the property / real estate, or selling through an auction on our website,
  • - advertising property / real estate in printed and online form,
  • - inform people about the property / real estate by phone, and via e-mail, to show them personally,
  • - assistance in the legal arrangement (contract) of property / real estate purchase.

Our mandate can be for a definite time (for example 3 months) and for an indefinite period of time.

Order fee:
We are working for two real estate commissions: one for the exclusive contract, another commission for a non-exclusive contract. In case of auction sales we also charge a commission.
We are looking forward to your inquiry if we can help you with these areas:

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