We are at your disposal in determining the value of your machinery and assets. The value appraisal of industrial assets demands thorough consideration. Our many years of experiences and foreign specialists empower us to give an accurate and realistic picture of the value of your assets. Our value appraisals reflect fair market prices at all times, the price your assets actually represent and you may certainly expect no matter what course of you decide to take.

Our staffs continuously monitor sales worldwide and we store data on our prior assignments as well. We know what was sold, when and at what price; which assists us in determining the fair value realistically.

In awareness of our value appraisal, our customers are in a better position to decide the fate of their firms, the question of upgrading, extending or downsizing. We are able to even take an inventory of your assets, wherever your plant is in Hungary.

We are looking forward to your inquiry if we can help you with these areas:

László Radvány
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